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Culver Maxinkuckee Group

107 North Main Street, Culver, Indiana 46511

Culver Maxinkuckee Group

0.7 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Ladies of Serenity

321 North Center Street, Plymouth, Indiana 46563

Ladies of Serenity

9.8 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Sunday Go To Meeting Knox

1600 South Heaton Street, Knox, Indiana 46534

Sunday Go To Meeting

11.5 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Knox Group

406 East Washington Street, Knox, Indiana 46534

Knox Group

11.9 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Circle Of Serenity

7954 Indiana 23, Walkerton, Indiana 46574

Circle Of Serenity

14.1 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Eastside Group

913 Main Street, Rochester, Indiana 46975

Eastside Group

15 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Tippecanoe Group

201 East Spring Street, Winamac, Indiana 46996

Tippecanoe Group

15.3 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Big Book Study Walkerton

801 Colorado Street, Walkerton, Indiana 46574

Big Book Study

17.3 miles away from Culver, Indiana

12 Steppers

210 Central Avenue, North Judson, Indiana 46366

12 Steppers

19 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Came To Believe Bremen

803 West Bike Street, Bremen, Indiana 46506

Came To Believe - 55

20.6 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Bremen Muncey Group

323 South Center Street, Bremen, Indiana 46506

Bremen-Muncey Group - 55

20.6 miles away from Culver, Indiana

Sunshine Group Nappanee

1155 North Main Street, Nappanee, Indiana 46550

Sunshine Group - 91

26.6 miles away from Culver, Indiana


Essential Answers for Your Journey to Recovery

What are AA meetings?

AA is a program created to help its members get sober. Attendance is free at an AA Meeting in Culver, Indiana as the funding is accepted on a donation from its members.

AA is one of most commonly known programs in the United States and around the world that helps countless men and women achieve sobriety in the pursuit of lifelong recovery. They are usually small groups of recovering alcoholics who share their recovery journey and are there to help new members get sober.

The Best Method of Selecting an AA Meeting in Culver, Indiana

Alcohol Addiction is a disease of the mind, body, and soul. AA has curated meetings to help with each individual piece of your sobriety. If you are in search of a meeting on the first three steps, you should choose a beginner meeting. If you are looking to get more in touch with your spiritual side, attending a meditation meeting would be an ideal choice. If you are in search of stories of inspiration for overcoming alcoholism, a speaker meeting is a good starting point. If you are through your steps and are now working on the traditions of AA, a tradition meetings will help. If you want to attend a single gender group, you can go to a men’s or women's meeting where you won't find anyone of the opposite gender there. The fact of the matter is there is a meeting for everyone. Try different meetings out until you find one that fits your needs.

How to Get The Most From a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in Culver, Indiana

In order to benefit the most from your first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting you should remain open minded. Everyone had preconceived notions of what these meetings were and generally it is the same misconception. The best advice I ever got was to sit down, shut up, listen to the message, and humbly ask for help. Regardless of the meeting, there will be the same message of recovering from hopelessness. The process of recovering from that hopeless state is in asking for help from another person suffering from alcoholism which you will find in any meeting you choose to start with.

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