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Welcome to AA Meetings Directory, your comprehensive resource and support hub for overcoming alcohol addiction. Embracing the ethos of Alcoholics Anonymous, our website is a beacon of hope and guidance. We're dedicated to providing insightful information and fostering a strong social network for our AA community members. Our mission resonates with the AA Traditions, aiming to be a pivotal part of your journey to sobriety. AA Meetings Directory is more than a guide; it's a pathfinder for those grappling with the challenges of alcohol dependency. We navigate you towards AA meetings and sustainable recovery strategies, helping to avert the anguish of relapse. Here, you'll find a trove of resources tailored to recognize and reshape detrimental behavioral patterns, empowering you to surmount the hurdles of alcohol addiction with confidence and resilience.

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Our innovative Alcoholics Anonymous Resource Center offers a unique blend of information and social networking, tailored to aid AA members. This platform is dedicated to encompassing all aspects of AA within the Traditions framework. By guiding those battling alcohol addiction towards AA meetings and effective recovery methods, we strive to mitigate the risk of relapse. We provide extensive resources to help identify and alter harmful behavioral patterns, fostering a robust approach to conquer the complexities of alcohol addiction.


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Find local AA meetings near you, a cornerstone for building a supportive community. These meetings are essential in your journey, offering a safe space for sharing experiences and gaining strength from others who understand your struggle. Embrace the camaraderie and find solace in the collective pursuit of sobriety.

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Effortlessly search for AA meetings in your area, spanning across all states. Our comprehensive directory ensures that no matter where you are, you can find a supportive community close to you. This tool simplifies the journey towards recovery, making it more accessible and tailored to your location. Find strength and solace in meetings that understand your unique challenges and are dedicated to helping you navigate the road to sobriety.

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Embarking on a journey to sobriety can often make you lose sight of how far you've come. By simply inputting your sobriety start date, our Sobriety Calculator will reveal your exact time of being alcohol-free up to the present day. This tool serves as a constant reminder of your progress and the strides you've made towards a healthier, happier life. Let it be a source of motivation and a testament to your enduring commitment to recovery.


Navigating your sobriety path, it's easy to lose sight of time. Input your sobriety starting date, and our calculator will accurately display your total sober period up to this moment. This tool is designed to provide you with a clear view of your journey's length, celebrating every step of your commitment to a sober life. It's a reminder of the progress you've made and the resilience you've shown along the way.


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The 12 Steps of AA are foundational in guiding individuals through the journey of recovery. They offer a structured pathway to not only achieving sobriety but also maintaining it in the long term. Each step is carefully designed to foster self-awareness, acceptance, and spiritual growth. By engaging with these steps, members can address the underlying issues of addiction, find reconciliation with past actions, and build a supportive community. This transformative process aids in developing healthier coping mechanisms, promoting lasting recovery, and offering a new perspective on life and sobriety. Embracing these steps can lead to profound personal change and a renewed sense of purpose.


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Essential Answers for Your Journey to Recovery

What are AA meetings?

AA meetings are gatherings where individuals struggling with alcohol addiction come together to share experiences, strength, and hope. They offer a supportive environment to discuss challenges and successes in sobriety.

How often do AA meetings occur?

Meeting frequencies vary; some groups meet daily, while others might meet weekly. You can find a schedule that fits your needs in our directory.

Do I need to be sober to attend?

While sobriety is the goal, AA meetings welcome anyone with a desire to stop drinking, regardless of their current status.

Is there a cost to attend AA meetings?

AA meetings are typically free, though some groups may pass around a voluntary collection for expenses.

How can AA meetings help in recovery?

AA meetings provide a community of support, practical advice from those who've faced similar struggles, and a set of guiding principles (the 12 Steps) to help maintain sobriety.

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